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8 Fitness Photoshoot Locations

November 20 2022Fitness

Are you looking for locations for your next Fitness Photoshoot and need some help? Where should you go? What venues or places should you book? This list will help you eliminate any questions and help bring more ideas to light. What about outdoor locations? Finding an Appropriate location is important to be cohesive with a fitness style.

Sunrise Photo of a Person on a Field

Before you start looking for location it may be helpful to figure out what exactly the photographs Will be used for. It is important to try and remove any branded buildings or large logos.But further than that is it for your/your clients fitness clothing brand? This may need professional indoor photos along with a mix of lifestyle outdoor photos

Personal Trainers may be best in their own gym with others or outside in a spacious area. Exercise trainers may be best in studios to show their physics. Fitness Models may be best in studios with controlled light. There is also the opportunity to get great outdoor lighting in these situations too.

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Running Place Ideas

  • 1.Iconic areas around the City, think of places like the brooklyn bridge, important buildings
  • 2.Greenways or long paths in rural or urban areas.
  • 3.Basketball Courts. Either indoor or outdoor
  • Photoshoot Locations for Fitness PHotsohotos

    Indoor Locations

    Male posing photoshoot
  • 4. Gym studios may be great to use equipment , mats and the rest of the faciltiiy. You can rent a facility for this use A couple things to keep in mind is to check with the owners to make sure it is okay. It may also be worth bringing in additional lights. Usually gym lights are lower beam then outdoors. You can get some great lighting when you bring in external lighting.
  • 5. A Photo Studio may also be another great place to go to take your photos. This way you can get controlled professional lighting. This can be helpful for press or media photos. You can also easily change the background colors as well.
  • Khadeejah Photoshoot
  • 6. Swimming Pools are also great places to take photos. Indoor swimming pools can have creative opportunities for great media shots or drama shots.
    1. 6. Boxing Gym are unique to boxers and you will have the right tools for boxing photos.
        7.An Indoor basketball court is another location to check out. Indoor Basketball courts may need additional indoor lighting.

        Additional Questions

        1. How Much Does a Fitness Photoshoot Cost?

        Fitness Photoshoots may be different from city to city. Below are the Averages of over 100 photographers last updated November 2022.

        New York City - $350
        California - $350
        New Jersey - $250
        Chicago - $278
        Milwaukee - $225
        Boston - $220
        Washington - $258

        The photoshoots included at ijyoyo have styling, studio space, photo editing and retouching. Make sure to learn more about how you should set up a fitness photoshoot here.

        How Do You Pose for a Fitness Photoshoot?

        Yoga Photoshoot

        Posing for a fitness photoshoot is important. Read the full article here. Important ways to pose is to remember to share physics and to discuss with your photographer what parts of your body you would like to share the most.

        Posing a particular way or shooting towards a specific muscle can help you focus where you want to share them. For example if you want to share more of your biceps, triceps and triceps you can twist your torso or flex your muscles in that area. Simple breathing exercises can also be an interesting way to get photos

        If you are thinking of sharing your quads or your abdominal physique , think about doing an action to share them off. This can be in combination with the props you decide to use.

        3.What are Some Fitness Clothing Ideas?

        This is a great question. Think of something that you can easily move in. Think of your normal gym attire. Also think of investing in some new clothing that people may not have seen you in before.

        Some ideas may be a greyscale look with gray, black, white and simple colors.. This can give off an industrial, expert and professional look.

        Women Smiling Commercial Photography

        Other ideas may be colorful or solid colors. Think of a dark blue and match with shadow and highlight colors. Additionally you can try something bright like orange, yellow or green. This gives an energetic feel to your photos.

        You can also bring in red, although red may have a darker and more sinister feeling it can also be seen as bold. Read the More About Fitness Photoshot Clothing Ideas

        4. What to wear to a Fitness Photoshoot?

        Yoga Outdoor Photoshoot

        Speaking of actual clothing attire, think of bringing in athletic wear and only athletic wear. You can also go with solid T-shirts as well.

        There are different types of athletic shirts to wear such as a normal sized one, v-necked based shirts.

        Think of Yoga Pants. Something well fitted.

        Think of the Shoes. Sneakers of some kind, try to avoid flip flops unless you’re outdoors.

        This article went over locations for your next Fitness Photoshoot. What can you envision Next?

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