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Best New Years Photo Ideas You Need to Check Out

December 13 202 | Envision

It’s about that time of year again. Ready to get photos for New Year’s Celebrations? View these Best New Year photoshoot ideas, a guide of ideas, props, places and inspiration to finish off your year strong and start off your next one!

First I’ll go over some general ideas. This may be all you need to get your creativity firing. I will additionally share some other tips that can help you along the way as well.

1. Get friends together

Ideas for New Years Photoshoot

Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash

Getting friends together for a photoshoot or taking photos is the classic way to start off the new years. Dress up with the means to have fun and get a few great photos of yourself at the end of the year. Don’t forget to bring decorations, things to hold, glitter and maybe even champagne!

You can also take many of these photos with different friend groups and rotate or use different props that you have already used! Think of work friends , school friends, professionals or other people that you have got closed to during the year.

2. Use the snow and get outdoors!

Going outside while it is snowing or using the snow as a background can be a great place to take your photoshoot for New Years eve. Whether it be with friends, family or a significant other this can be a great way to get out in nature and get some fresh air. See the best times to take photos for more information.

You may also get pictures while you go out and coordinate with your outfits! Props may also be appropriate outdoors. This may also be a great opportunity to take pictures with champagne and balloons!

3. Did someone say fireworks??

Many cities allow New Year's Eve celebrations and fireworks. You can think of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities to get fireworks photos. Try your best to capture them, and even include yourself in the shot if you can.

This may take some planning to find a good place to see you & the firework. An important tip is to try and use your flash while taking the photograph.

New Years Ideas

Photo by HKTreks on Unsplash

4. Pick a decade and Recreate

When you think about different ages, think of going back in time. Create a photoshoot centered around these different ideas. One of my favorites for example is the 80’ and 90’ area of aviany faux feathers mixed in with some silver chromatic vibes.

Creating a board of photos that depict a certain decade or year can result in photos that look contemporary yet seem timeless. Try it out and make your own board!

5. Coffee is still in!

When taking these photos, make sure to get something in the background that's interesting. Maybe there is an old sign on the wall, or a piece of art that you can pose in front of. Coffee shops are great places to take photos, especially if you like the low light style.

If you don’t have a favorite coffee shop then try and find local places to support your local businesses!

What are some ideas for props? Are there any props you wish to include in your photoshoots? It's a great idea to bring in props.

1. Silver globes.

New Years Eve Photograph New Years Photoshoot 2023 New Years Photoshoot 2023 Pictured: Jade Nguyen-Mai, taken by Reihl Boudoir with Posh Model Management

Having silver globes in your photoshoot is a good idea. You can also use disco globes or colorful globes to match the style of your photoshoot. Later in this article we will also talk about using silver and glitter that can match the disco ball vibe.

2. New Years Hats & Glasses

There are many places to find New Year's Hats and Glasses during the holidays. These items are often affordable at local markets or dollar stores. It might be worth getting a few for fun, and for your next photoshoot!

New Year Photos

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

3. Streamers & glitter

It's possible to add some streamers and glitter to a larger setting or room. The streamers work well as frills around the room. Glitter can express the New Year's Eve mood.

4. Bottles and Champagne

Photo by Kateryna Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Brining champagne during a new years photoshoot is a classic idea to think about. Picking out champagne for a photoshoot. You can additionally buy a sparkling soda as well that will give you the same look as a bottle.

Before you let them go however make sure you are in a good place to do it and have something to clean it up if you need the space for future photos.

5. Balloons

New Year Great Photoshooto
New Years Photographs

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Getting balloons into your photos can be a great idea! There are many unique balloon shapes to get that can make your photos unique, whether that be a 2023 balloon number or new years text, balloons are a great idea!

Places to take photos

Finding a place to take your New Years Photos is something you should also think about. Maybe you might have to take them a week beforehand.

Good ideas may be when you are away on vacation, with friends, or in a new city.

1. Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms with nice beautiful views can be a go to photoshoot place. You can decorate the area and get some beautiful views while on vacation or away from home on holiday.

2. Outdoors/ Events

Outdoor events may occur in which you can take some of your photos. Think of events at night with others or larger events with larger groups.

In larger cities like New York City you have the opportunity to get out and take beautiful photos of fireworks. Additionally if you are in places like Los Angeles you can attend Universals Studio’ city walk celebrations.

Miami - There are beaches located in Downtown Miami such as Bayfront Park that have live music which you can watch fireworks from in 2023.

Dallas, TX - Locate fireworks on the Plaza

Think of the fireworks mentioned previously as well if there is an event that you can go to. Also remember to stay warm!

3. Dining and other venues

If you end up visiting a nice restaurant this may be a great time to get some photos inside the venue or outside. Depending on the venue you may have a beautiful view of the city or have a significant icon of the city.

This can get many things done as well such as eating, dressing up and taking great photos! I highly recommend getting a rooftop restaurant for airy photos. Just remember to bring a jacket!

4. Home or apartment

New Years Ideas

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

You don’t need to go out to take good photos! You can also take great photos in your home against walls and decorate from there. This is where you can setup your area and bring other people in as well.

You can share what you want to do this year or give thanks for what the year has brought you.

Are you ready for New Years? Learn more about New Years Photoshoot Ideas and further Photoshoot tips below.

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