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8 Winter Photo Props You Can Use for Photos


Are you looking to create a winter photoshoot and need some extra ideas to bring your photos to life? Look no further. I will provide links across the web and some suggestions.

#1 Fur blankets

Props for winter photoshoot

Photo by Christina Deravedisian on Unsplash There are many options when picking out a blanket. Fur can look great. For an environmental and savings outlook you can go with faux fur. Some great colors may be charcoal colors, deep white or a misty gray color for fur blankets.

You may use faux fur blankets on the ground, as a background or to keep warm. Faux fur is a great choice to add more to your photos. You can also use them both indoors and outdoors for example.

If you’re the photographer in this case it is also worth understanding the light that will hit, try and have a light that is directional the the blanket to capture the texture.

#2 Reindeer props

Photoshoot props for winter

There are many stores that will carry reindeer, go out and get creative. These can range from small figures in length or larger scale items. You can also think about bringing certain parts of the reindeer into the photoshoot such as antlers, legs or the head. You can either make this the focal point of the image or ancillary to the photograph. Either way this emphasizes and extra mode depending on what you would like to shoot.

#3 Snow Machine

Snow machines can be just what you need in an indoor environment. Often times the snow doesn’t work in our favor for those awesome snow photos. This may be worth the investment to get a snow machine that you can use during the winter indoors.

These are either cordless or with a cord and can be relatively easy to setup. They can be great for family photographs and couple photographs.

Make sure you are ready to take many photos to capture the best shots.

You can also imitate the snow machine at a smaller scale with household items. Depending on the look you can get creative with the snow effects you create.

You can also order snow forms and fluff as well. This is great if you don’t want to clean up or deal with a snow machine.

#4 Trains

I’m not sure why trains are so prevalent during the holidays- besides the polar express. Trains are an amazing addition to a winter photoshoot. There are also many options to emphasis the mood.

Toy trains like wooden trains work well for small scale projects. These may be great with baby photoshoots or family photoshoots.

Other electric trains may be great as well in the background.

#5 LED Lights

Winter Props 2022

LED lights are amazing props that you can bring for a winter photoshoot. They are cheap and you can often bring them wherever you go. Back in the early 2016’s these were very popular. They still are! They can be great hanging in the background or on a person portrait.

These are also great for darker conditions and contrasts against snowy backgrounds.

#6 Small Trees

Winter Prop for winter

As far as props go this may be on the bigger side. Small plants like trees can be great to put in your photoshoot. Think more than one, perhaps 3. Enough to cover an area. These can be real treas or fake trees.

You can also decorate these trees as well.

#7 Snow Globes

Snow globe winter prop

Snow Globes are a great idea to bring to a photoshoot. There are many different ways that you can use these as a prop in your images.

#8 Ornaments

Don’t forget to bring ornaments when you're decorating. These can be very decorative or basic.

This article went over some winter photoshoot props that you should consider!

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