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Ijyoyo provides photography services for those with aspirations and vision from influencers, models to small businesses.

Ijyoyo was created in November 2018 by Isaias Jacobi to capture images from around the city of Madison Wisconsin.

While engaging with the Madison creative community and supporting like-minded individuals the roots of the company began to come together.

Ijyoyo is currently located in the midwest region of Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. Ijyoyo specializes in modeling portfolios, modeling photoshoots,fitness photoshoot, and product photography.


The mission is to envison, create and build content that can be discoverable and shareable. Ijyoyo seeks and works together with the best visionary ideas and concepts to create detailed and creative photsohoots in the Midwest. Ijyoyo's mission is to share exciting content throughout the midwest through the subjects we photograph.


Ijyoyo values the virtue of greatness. Ijyoyo seeks visionary ideas and concepts. Artists, Modeling, Dancers, Small business owners and you! Ijyoyo welcomes and invites you to join in!