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5 Best Fitness Model Photoshoot Poses

November 20 2022Fitness

Looking for some ideas for a Fitness Photoshoot Pose? This guide will bring some ideas to get some of the best poses for your photos. Make sure to check out fitness photoshoot locations and if you are doing a fitness clothing line photoshoot check this out too.

Person Riding Bike

This article is assuming you have minimal to no experience in modeling and posing. Let's get started. You may be looking into getting together for a fitness photoshoot as a personal trainer, as a brand or simply to share your physique! Read more about what to eat during a fitness photoshoot.

Before you start any of these poses it is worth warming up quickly. You will see that this is part of the pose ideas to do ahead of time.

1. The Warm-Up

Warm up photos shouldn’t be the main focus of the photoshoot but it is something that should be done. Do quick warm ups that involve stretching. Thinking of Tricep stretches, shoulder stretches and other stretches.

Additionally some fitness photoshoot poses for women and men can include doing yoga poses. Unique yoga poses can be found here. In general stretching can be a great way to start off a fitness photoshoot

2. Flex your muscles.

There may be a particular part of your body that you have been working on in the gym. Make sure to share this particular part by flexing your muscles. In combination make sure that you control your breathing during this as well. Inhaling in and exhaling can change the way your body is presented.

You may want to be standing while flexing for example your biceps or quads. Make sure to take breaks as well. Bring water too. Learn more about getting ready for a fitness photoshoot.

You can also try doing this while sitting on a bench with dumbbells as props. Doing reps can help share definition.

This may work best inside a gym with easy access to dumbbells. Not to worry though if you can do it without a gym.

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3. Tip Toe

Another idea for a fitness photoshoot pose is to stand on your tiptoes for a few seconds. This works best to show the lower ankle and even the quads through light fabric.

Marisa Personal Traier Photoshoot

You may have to do several things to realign your body. You may be able to hold yourself up for a longer time however this creates tension in the rest of your body. Keeping the tension solely in the peak of your toes can share your form. Aim for 3-4 times of doing this position.

It is common to do the same pose a few times to get it down. Make sure to be dynamic as well and move your body accordingly.

4. Abdominal Aerobics

Another good pose idea is anything on a mat working your abdominal aerobics. You may be able to be creative and match this with what to wear to your photoshoot. Abdominal workouts can show your whole body in a horizontal position.You will also be forced to have motion in the images. Some specific poses include Flutter kicks, Butterflies, and crunches.

My favorite is bicycle crunches that allow your head to be propped up from the ground and your legs up as well.

Women Fitness Trainer Photoshoot

5. Group Shot

If you are shooting for a fitness club or a team of trainers arrange yourself in a group shot. Make sure to coordinate the colors with each other. When you are setting up these shots, think of triangles. Triangles are a great way to engage and create intriguing photos. Also think of getting an odd number or even number of people if there.

Person Riding bike STreet Photo

You can start off by doing poses in attire in a gym or outside and share a fun spirit. Remember to share layers or dimensions if there are more than 4 people. Think of having 2 people in front and 2 people in back.

You can also have a more serious look. Think of getting serious with a workout similar to a candid photograph.

Group shots can also include doing the same workout or task. Such as doing pushups, sit ups, running or lunges to name a few.

This article went over 5 fitness photoshoot pose ideas that you can use when you are out next.

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