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The Essential Guide To Capturing The Perfect Summer Model Photos

Isaias J August 8 2023

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Finally, summer! Whether it is the beginning of the season or mid season there are always opportunities to get great summer modeling photos created and done to add to a portfolio. Whether you are a professional swimwear, bikini, fitness or commercial model or fashion model these tips can help you out.

Capture the essence of summer with stunning photography of models in stylish and functional swimwear.

Types of Models

Each type of modeling may have different portfolio requirements. If you are looking to get more fitness and bikini gigs you may want to aim and get a variety of bikini and beach photographs taken.

Fitness models may find an opportunity to get great shots under the sun as well. Working with other photographers can be a great way to have a variety of shots too. Fitness models often have the opportunity to work with swimwear brands too because of their/your physical aesthetics.

Commercial models also have unique opportunities such as summer campaigns outdoors. These may include jobs for e-commerce brands and larger retailers. Although most campaign shoots are done prior to the summer, it is still a great time to build a portfolio if you haven’t already.

Freelance models can have a variety of jobs as well with e-commerce and private brands.

From bikinis to one-pieces, these swimwear models showcase the latest styles of the season.

Let’s talk beaches

Beaches are a popular destination for modeling photoshoots in the summer. A little history behind going to the beach dates back hundreds of years. During the roman period beaches were seen as dangerous due to the casualties and shipwrecks as sea crashes occurred by the beach. During the middle ages beaches were commonly used for recreational activities

In the 17th and 18th century beaches were seen by upper-classmen as a sport and bathing was much more popular. As transportation and railways expanded in Europe this formulated the idea of going to the beach. Around the 18th century and 19th century resorts and beach towns became more popular.

Beaches for modeling photos can give you a wide variety of options for lifestyle, spicy and fun photoshoots.

Capture the carefree and relaxed essence of summer with photography of models enjoying the season.

Beach Photoshoot Ideas

Lifestyle beach modeling photos may involve sitting in the sand, going into the water, swimming, surfing or playing a sport (volleyball, kickball, frisbee). These are great for freelance models, commercial models or fitness models. These can add action into you portfolio. Fashion models may not benefit as much from this.

Fashion Beach Photo Shoots and even editorial beach photoshoots may be more subtle with the actions performed. There may be more exaggerated posing and a keen focus on the fashion, attire, swimwear of the model.

These summer models are ready for adventure, sporting swimwear that is both fashionable and functional.

Possible Swimwear options

Modeling on the beach may require different types of swimwear. Both males, females and unisex may need to represent different outfits. Here are some of them that you can think of before going to your photoshoots for an idea.

From diving to sunbathing, these models make a splash in the latest swimwear styles of the season.

Bikini Swimwear

Bikini areas go for beach swimwear. There are different options that may be worth looking over to understand what you need. Here are a few of the bikinis that are common. It is also important to remove any unnecessary jewlery this time as well- often times jewlery can be overly shiny in the summer light.

  • Halter Neck
  • Triangle Bikini
  • Pushup Bikini
  • Flounce Bikini
  • Sport Bikii
  • MiniKini
  • Bandeaukini
  • Sling Bikini
  • Monokini
  • Fringe Bikini
  • Embrace the warmth and beauty of summer with photography of models in natural settings.

    Pose Ideas for Bikini Photos

    A couple quick bikini poses and mindsets are to feel confident.

  • Hands on head looking into the distance
  • Arms up power pose with a shift of
  • Twist of torso looking at camera
  • Laying down and looking at the camera
  • Kneeling in the sand

  • You can take these yourself or get help from a photographer.

    Show off the latest trends in swimwear with photography of models in a variety of styles and colors.

    Trousers and Swimwear

    Swimwear and trousers are also a popular clothing pieces that generally men wear. Some additional unisex ideas include the following

  • Swimwear / swim trunks
  • Speedos
  • Racerback designs
  • Surfer Wear
  • T-shirts
  • Tropical wear
  • Discover the perfect swimwear for your summer adventures with photography of models in a variety of styles.

    Pose Ideas for Swimwear

  • Standing portrait pose
  • Sitting portrait pose
  • Show back, sitting down
  • Pose with abdominals
  • Looking at the horizon
  • Popular beaches in the United States include the Hamptons, New York, Malibu,CA, Palm Beach,FL. Europe also has popular beaches such as St.Tropez, France, Marbella,Spain, Sardinia, Italy, Mykonos Greece, Algarve,Portugal. It is important however to make sure you have permission or it is free to take photographs in these areas

    Although beaches are great for photos they are not the only place to take photos during the summer. You can opt for a studio and air conditioned area. This may reduce the amount of planning needed for traveling, permission and avoiding crowds at beaches.

    Showcase the beauty of natural summer hair with photography of models sporting stunning frizz hairstyles.

    Summer Studio Modeling Photoshoot Ideas

    Taking photos in the studio can be a great chance to get out of the heat. Depending on what state you live in it may be difficult to shoot outdoors. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the air conditioned area (or not). View tips on getting ready for a photoshoot.

    Studio photoshoots that you can think about doing are getting ready for the current and next season. You can think about adding to a professional catalog of editorial/commercial or fashion modeling for bikini or swimwear outfits.

    Additionally you can set up with a photographer or agency for winter and fall wear.

    Studios photoshoots also let you take advantage of set design and background color changes. Set designs may include setting up a scene that imitates a beach mood, oceanside, summer outdoors. Background colors can be other things then black or white, think of pink, yellow or green to stand out for your portfolio.

    These models are ready to make a splash in the latest swimwear styles, captured in stunning summer photography.

    Summer Outdoor Modeling Photoshoot Ideas

    There are more places besides the beach and a photo studio to take photos. Fitness models may find these ones especially interesting. Other places to take photos may be local gyms, seasonal restaurants, patios, rooftops, gardens and green landscapes.

  • Local gyms can be a great place again to avoid the summer heat and also get fit. Gyms are great because they have a variety of functional “props” to use for photoshoots. This is most useful for fitness models that may want to niche down towards fitness photoshoots.
  • Seasonal restaurants are also a great place to get photos done with permission. Think of outdoor restaurants that open during summers that have nice spaces.
  • Patios and rooftops. Although this may not be common for some types of modeling, changing a venue to a rooftop can show a different variety of shots that some may be used to.
  • Gardens and green landscapes. Gardens are perfect for sharing a venue as well. You can contrast greens against a single outfit.

  • All in all the summer can be a great period to get photos out in the sun and beyond. Make sure to check out what to bring to a photoshoot. It also may be helpful to have some extra tips to make your summer photoshoots the best. Bikini and swim photoshoots are popular because the weather is the nicest but it should be warned that preparation ahead of summer and winter is also important during the season. There are also other creative ideas outdoors to explore during the summer.

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