New York City
Night Print

Art work created in New York City

Art Paper details
Dimensions 13x 19”/ 33.02 x 48.62cm.
Printed on Matte Photo paper 210gsm/56lbs Β½ inch white borders.
Framed images are solely used for exemplary purposes.

Canvas Work details
Available in 8 x 8", 16 x 20" , 20 x 30" , 24 x 36"
Wrapped Canvas
Wooden Frame

$86 - $668 + Tax
QTY: 3 Avaliable

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New York City from Jersey City

Caption of Photograph:

Made it to New York 😎 Swipe for the full picture>

This day felt super long. Woke up early after getting poured on the previous night by rain (post soon) πŸ˜….

Planned to walk to lower Manhatten around little italy/ soho / Brookyln bridge and a few other places along the way.

Made my way to Brookyln and then returneddd to the opposite side of Manhatten via electric bike to Jersey City to catch a flight 🚁🚁

---After the flight this is where I ended up at around 9pm

This Piece is a Part of The 2020 Wall Art Collection

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