New Orleans
Bourbon street

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Art Work Details:
Dimensions 13x 19”/ 33.02 x 48.62cm.

Printed on Matte Photo paper 210gsm/56lbs Β½ inch white borders.

Framed images are solely used for exemplary purposes.


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New Orleans

Caption for Photograph

Jazz music? Yeah....🎺🎡

Spent a few days in NOLA visitng a few iconic places like Bourbon Street- it's easy to see why the french quarter is so popular. Along with the French Architechture almost all the people I encountered were nice and there was an atmostphere that I had not been familiar to.

When I first arrived to New Orleans, Jessica, my Uber driver, immedidently started dancing to the jazz classical music on the radio. I encountered many other dancers and performers on the street that made the city more vibrant despite COVID-19.
This Piece is a Part of The 2020 Wall Art Collection

i made a travel video in New Orleans

— Isaias (Yoyo) (@ijyoyo) August 10, 2020
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