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What to Wear for a LinkedIn Headshot?


LinkedIn is a professional social networking site where professionals showcase their talents and professions. If you need to stand out from a cluster of professionals, it is necessary your headshot is professional. “What to wear for the best headshot.”

What Does LinkedIn Headshot Mean in Photography?

The headshot is a little bit different from the portrait. A headshot is a close-up picture of the face taken from the shoulders up. Actors and models use headshots to share features. Now, socially connected business websites like LinkedIn are also using headshots to show off one’s professionalism.

Why it's Important to Choose Perfect Outfit For LinkedIn Headshot

Dress code matters. Having a perfect headshot for marketing yourself on any business site, wearing the right outfit for a headshot matters. It presents your company culture and gives you a skilled, educated look.Professional network marketing sites demand a professional dressing for perfect headshots. If you have a lingering question “what to wear for a perfect headshot” go with us for a deep dive to know the answers.

What to Wear for LinkedIn Headshot?

Sure, it is a fact that a professional needs to be well dressed. When it comes to wearing the perfect outfit for a LinkedIn headshot, some may get confused about clothing, here is a general guideline use colors, light or dark, tones, no patterns. The same confusion is about make-up and jewelry. Say goodbye to confusion. Feel comfortable. We have solutions for your perplexity. Here are some answers to your questions. We go through them one by one. Let's start with Outfits.

1. What Clothing for Professional LinkedIn Headshot?

If you are an executive woman, a coat with a collared shirt will give you a classic look. A blouse or dress is suitable for a creative lady. For a formal appearance, you may try a suit or a blazer. You may wear a blouse or shirt only for business casual as well If you have a contrast in your skin color and tone, you may wear full-sleeved shirts. Both males and females can wear a turtleneck.

2. What not to wear for professional headshot?

Overly casual dresses are not perfect for your professional headshot. It is worth mentioning that the white color reflects the light, so avoid wearing white for a professional headshot.

3. What Colors & Texture of outfits and Back Ground.

Always use appropriate colors that compliment your skin color and background. Blue, gray, orange, cream, and red will work with a white and blue background. Texture works better than patterns. In modern photography, you may use a pop of color. Wear clothing in a color that contrasts with the background colors.

4. What to Avoid color choices of outfits and Background?

Avoid wearing white, yellow, or black clothing when taking a professional headshot. Never use a distracting background. Dull and extravagant colors may make your headshot look off

What is considerable for Persona Tone?

It depends on what tone you like to project and what is suitable to reflect your company's culture. It is not limited to skills; you may choose the perfect tone to reflect your knowledge, trust, and formality. Before your next photoshoot, choose carefully what tone will satisfy your requirements to reflect.

Linkedin Headshot Examples

Linkedin Headshot Examples

This image is one Linkedin headshot example. The elements that work well together is the professional outfit, desirable lighting and the smile of the headshot. If the outfit was more flashy and not professional this would not be a good linkedin headshot. The lighting also works well here and is bright enough to capture the women. Additionally the woman is smiling warmly and professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Wear a hat in a headshot?

It is recommended to not wear a hat for your headshot. For a fun and casual photo it may be fine but it's great seeing the top of your head. It is also easier to recognize a face.

Can you wear glasses in a headshot?

LinkedIn is social but not a dating site; do not use glasses in your LinkedIn headshot. It will work on Facebook and Instagram.

Can I wear a turtleneck in a headshot?

You can wear the turtleneck shirts with short sleeves. It will enhance your persona, charm and attractiveness.

Should You Wear Jewelry in a Headshot?

With collarless shirts and short hair, you may use jewelry as an accent. It will grab the attention of the audience so be weary of too much jewelery

Should you wear earrings in a Headshot?

Remember, long earrings go best with long hairstyles. With short hair and collarless shirts, pearls or simple studs and a beautiful necklace will add uniqueness to your appearance.

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