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What is Blue Hour?

By @ijyoyo | August 21 2020 | Photoshoot

Natural lighting is the fundamental of learning photography and setting up a photoshoot. Blue hour is a natural lighting time during dusk and dawn.

Often blue hour is not talked about as much as it should. Learning about Blue hour will allow you to create a photoshoot plan, setup your outfit, styling, and more!

When is Blue hour?

Blue Hour, more specifically it occurs right before dawn and right after dusk. The sun is far enough below the earth where there is a slight blue and yellow tone. This period of natural light includes blue photos.

Claire blue hour portrait Blue hour lasts around an hour before the sun fades away or rises. Photographers often use flashes and artificial light during this time to capture their subject as the sun finally sets.

*if you plan on creating a photoshoot during this period it is important to wear neutral non-black colors to illuminate any extra light possible. Blue Hour Charoltte NC

Blue Hour vs Golden Hour

Another lighting time is Golden Hour. These two natural lighting durations are different from each other despite preceding one another.

During Golden hour you will experience orange and golden colors on your subject. However during blue hour you will experience softer blue tones on your subject. Blue Hour


Blue hour photoshoots create amazing photographs.

Blue hour is one of four natural lightings that can be used in your next photoshoot.

This will help you plan and envision your next photoshoot.

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