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Luminar AI vs Lightroom


Are you looking into Luminar AI and lightroom? What are the differences between Luminar AI and Lightroom or Photoshop? This article will go over how they can be similar and how they can be different.

What is Luminar Ai?

Let's start with explaining Luminar AI. Luminar is a fairly new software that can be used on Mac OS and Windows. Luminar is a photo editing software for creatives and photographers alike. Luminar allows users to create images using Artificial Intelligence to enhance their photos. This may include changing backgrounds, applying premade tonal colors, or changing facial features. Is luminar 4 better then lightroom? These of course are only some of the abilities. We will look into Artificial Intelligence further.

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is created by Adobe. Lightroom is for professionals and hobbyists that take many photos. It is a photo editing software that allows you to modify and organize images. The software allows you to refine certain aspects of the image similar to a film dark room. Lightroom is the go to program for photographs. Lightroom is also used in combinations with Photoshop. Over the past few years lightroom has had the ability to become more advanced to add additional layers that previously were not available.

Luminar AI SoftwareLuminar AI SoftwareAdobe LightroomPhoto EditingYesYesPhoto OrganizationNoYesArtificial IntelligenceYesNoCost$59 a month$12 a monthEditing TimeSlowFastPrinting and Formatting and PrintingNoYesFormatting and PrintingNoYes

Luminar Ai for professionals and beginners

Photo Editing

As far as photo editing both softwarees are able to create similar effects. However the speed may be different. Luminar 4 editing involves the use of Artificial intelligences to use mathematical formulas to replace backgrounds, change tones and change facial features.

Lightroom editing has the ability to auto select image backgrounds and selections to create masks that allow you to edit.

Both allow you to work further and edit the granulation of the effect.

File Handling and Organization

A good file handling system is key to staying organized. You may have hundreds or thousands of files per photoshoot. Lightroom has the ability to see the folder that you imported. They also can duplicate photos, notice duplicates or copy and move files.

Luminar 4 is still limited on the way it handles files and images.

what is luminar ai latest version

Is luminar 4 worth it?

As a stand alone program luminar ai is well worth it. There are so many efficient ways to use luminar ai . luminar ai has the ability as a photo editor to change backgrounds, change color scenes, facial expressions and more. These are not available in lightroom. There may be some overlap with Photoshop. Luminar has made its entry into photo editing and is very effective and efficient. For the one time payment it is worth considering!

xPhoto EditingPhoto OrganizationArtificial IntelligenceCostEditing TimePrinting and Formatting and PrintingFormatting and Printing
Luminar AI SoftwareYesNoYes$59 a monthSlowNoNo
Adobe LightroomYesYesNo$12 a monthFastYesYes

One thing to consider is that it is still in development. It is seen as a full package however it may be slower in some additions then others. Hopefully this gets changed soon. This is important because editing time may be different.

There have been several reports that the Luminar ecosystem is slower and can be sluggish at times compared to lightroom. If you don’t have a decent computer to handle the computations behind the scenes, be weary

Compared to Adobe’s subscription fee, it may be worth looking into the Luminar ecosystem.

Luminar ai does not start

Using Lightroom with luminar ai

One of the latest features of Luminar is the ability to use combinations of software. You can directly add images from Lightroom to Luminar. The same is with the combination of Photoshop and Lightroom.

does luminar ai replace luminar 4

What is Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom classic is the original lightroom that was created. There are features that are not included in the latest addition of Lightroom. Lightroom Classic is the older version of the Lightroom family. Those familiar with the old design of Lightroom will find Lightroom Classic familiar. However the new Lightroom may be easier to use and faster.

is luminar 4 the same as luminar ai

Does Luminar work with Raw Files?

Yes, luminar has support for CR2 Files and standard compressed images such as JPEG.

Do Professionals use Luminar ?

This is a great question. Across the web photographers and other creatives have the ability to use Luminar in their work. As the idea of artificial intelligence improves and Adobe and Luminar work towards similar features so will the branch of creatives that utilize these features.

So features such as the Denoise make a complicated process into a much easier process. From processes that used to take an hour in photoshop and multiple layers and skill can now be done with Ai.

The granulation of these features is negligible. However the more time you spend developing your craft instead of reworking techniques is always a good thing!

Which software is best?

Depending on how much post processing you need and the file organization that needs to be done I would suggest Lightroom over Luminar. Lightroom and even capture one can be seen as a friendlier solution to luminar. They both excel in the usage, knowledge base and the capabilities. This allows you to get help and fine tune processes.

As far as learning new abilities and capabilities of photo editing and creativity I would go with Luminar. Luminar gives you fast opportunities to see your work in a different light without going through hours of advanced and technical processes.

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