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6 Tips to Help You Edit Your Fall Photos


Are you looking to edit your fall photos ? This guide will give you some handy tips wheather you are taking portrait photos or landscape photos. Though they can be different this guide will allow you to get the best out of the fall season

#1 Make it subtle-

Fall photography

this of course can vary and I myself when I first started out made the leaves vibrant. However you can add a hint of vibrance to the oranges and still get an amazing outcome. This is the best way to do it.

#2 add contrast.

Fall photoshoot poses

Adding contrast is a different one than many editors suggest. When you add contrast to your fall photos have the ability to differentiate the leaves allowing their shadows to become deeper and highlights brighter. This can have a sharpening effect on light leaves. Try it for yourself and see what you think!

#3 know the fall colors

Posing against tree colors.

Depending on how far you are into the season of fall these colors will start from green/ yellow to red and orange.

Knowing the colors can also allow you to become more creative if you want to apply color theory schemes like monochromatic , triad , analogous and other schemes.

You can also use this to support any skin retouching or outfit color tinta. Skin retouching may be different in the fall when the light of the leaves bounces onto the person's face and may need to be adjusted down or up. Outfit color tints can also be changed slightly to match the environment more. Otherwise outfits can be matched for the fall color schemes.

#4 Check your white balance

Fall photoshoot RAW format. You can adjust the white balance in post production with a temperature slider on your editor. You will want to make the temperature warmer to get a fine orange color.

#5 Put together a preset

Fall photoshoot 2022 editing app or software there are many ways to make the process faster. Many times when you are out on a photoshoot you will have dozens, maybe even hundreds of photographs. With a preset you can change the temperature, contrast and more of similar fall photographs.

One handy tip is to change the exposure for +1 , 0 , -1 . This will create 3 presets that have the same color, lighting settings and more to quickly edit the photographs. For example if you are changing positions in a forest the light can constantly change.

#6 Get Advanced and Add some Leaves

Young girl hiding between fall leaves

Adding leaves may be daunting at first but it can fill a composition and add more to what you would like to achieve. Adding leaves may include duplicating leaves from the same photograph or other photographs

Some questions to ask before you go on may include, Does it help the image? How does it help the image? What will the lighting look like?

These questions will guide you on finding and fitting the leaves into your image to feel realistic and fill your composition.

This article went over how to edit fall photos for the next photoshoot. Learn more about editing and ideas for fall photoshoots next.

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