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Claire Studio Photoshoot

By @ijyoyo | September 8 2020 | Discover

This photoshoot was done with Claire Kyra in Milwaukee Wisconsin! The phtoshoot included 3 different outfits. These photos were taken at studio location in the Milwaukee Third Ward called the Space MKE.

The Team:
Model: Claire Kyra
Makeup Artists: Aliya Alsuwailih
Stylists: Hayley Knowles & Kaylee Reeder
Photographer: Isaias

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Behind the Scenes

Here are a few behind the scenes photos taken from the photo studio in Milwaukee. The lighting included the left side natural light and two softboxes on the left and right of claire. Behind the Scenes Studio photoshoot

Outfits and Styling

Accompanying Claire was Hayley, Alison & Kaylee. They helped claire get ready for each shot and each outfit. There were three different outfits in total

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We decided on a few ideas with a moodboard and she decided with her stylists on the outfits.

Since this was a studio photoshoot we didn’t need to worry about outdoor lighting conditions or weather conditions as we normally would.

Final Thoughts

This photoshoot went great! I was happy with the studio and I was greatful to have Hayley, Aliya , and Kaylee to help style Claire!

Hopefully there will be an ability to shoot more in the studio within the next couple of months!

Milwaukee WI, US 53211