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Best Lenses For Night Photography

Best Lenses For Night Photography

July 23, 2023 08:20 PM by Isaias J | Discover

You will be likely looking for lenses that have a low aperture. The camera handles the sensitivity of light and the dynamic range of the image.

The lens and the camera must work together. Often cameras that are full frame will have a higher dynamic range and sensitivity capabilities to be utilized for night photography. This particular article explains the best lenses for night photography. This article doesn’t go over one camera system, and it is best for the user to investigate the camera system of choice before deciding on a lens.


Wide Angle Lenses for Night Photography

First, what are wide angle lenses? Wide angle lenses are lenses that are anywhere from 4mm to 18mm in dimension. The wide angle lens has a short focal length and wide field of view. They are used to capture an entire scene. Often Wide angle lenses are used in Astrophotography to capture the night sky without stitching multiple images. Astrophotography can be used to capture Nebula, Galaxies, Stars, ExoPlanets, Planets, and the Milky Way.

Canon Full Frame Wide Angle Lenses

Notice how each of the lenses' focal length is in the range between 14-35mm.

Sony Wide Angle Lenses

These lenses are listed from The Digital picture

Each one of these lenses has a low starting aperture and a wide field of view.

Another type of lens to look into is the Rokinon Series. The Rokinon has wide-angle lenses that may be less expensive than the other options. Check them out at https://rokinon.com/collections/all

Prime Lenses for Night Photography

Prime lenses are a great idea as well for night photography. Often you get the lowest aperture settings with prime lenses. Prime lenses are fixed focal lengths such as 15mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm and 85mm.

The 15mm size is a wide-angle prime lens. These, as mentioned before, are wide-angle lenses, however, they are fixed to only have one Field of Vision.

The 35mm is a well-known wide-angle prime lens that is often used for portraits. It has a narrower field of view than the 15mm.

The 40mm is known as the pancake lens. This is a common lens and is relatively small. Although not a wide-angle length, it still shows much of the scene.

The 50mm, also known as the nifty fifty, is a common lens and may come with different apertures. The lower aperture or f-stop number, the more light you will be able to bring into your camera.

The 85mm is another example of a prime lens. This prime lens has a narrow field of view but can be great for shooting indoors. The fast aperture allows you to get extra stops of light into your camera.

Canon Lenses:

Zoom Lens for Night Photography

Using a zoom lens for night photography offers photographers a range of benefits and creative possibilities.

One of the key advantages is versatility, as a zoom lens allows for varying focal lengths, enabling photographers to capture both wide-angle vistas and tight compositions without changing lenses frequently.

Zoom lenses often come with image stabilization technology, reducing the impact of camera shake during long exposures in low-light conditions.

This stability is crucial for capturing sharp and clear images during night photography, where longer shutter speeds are often necessary. Overall, the flexibility and stability of a zoom lens make it a valuable tool for night photographers seeking to capture diverse and captivating nocturnal scenes.

Canon Zoom Lenses

Sony Zoom Lenses


Night photography demands equipment that can handle low light conditions and offer optimal aperture settings. In this article, the focus is on lenses suitable for night photography, particularly wide-angle and prime lenses, as well as zoom lenses. Wide-angle lenses, with focal lengths between 4mm to 18mm, are ideal for capturing entire scenes, making them popular for astrophotography.

The article provides a comprehensive list of Canon and Sony wide-angle lenses with low apertures and wide fields of view. With this comprehensive guide, photographers can find the perfect lenses to elevate their night photography pursuits.

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