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How To Use Picture Hanging Kit


Using a Picture-Hanging Kit: A procedure that every professional uses to hang a picture smartly in this world of creativity is to use a proper kit. Do you want to find out how to use it stunningly? Read this article.

A typical and ordinary kit has just a nail, and you need a hammer to drive the nail into the wall for picture hanging.
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How To Use a Picture Hanging Kit
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More on picture hanging kits.

Guys, a picture hanging kit is a collection of tools used to hang a picture. It has every piece of hardware required to mount a picture frame on a wall. Almost every picture hanging kit includes screw-eyes, hanger wire, sawtooth hangers, D-rings, and wall fasteners.

Each package has a specific picture-hanging kit with particular instructions so that you may use it easily. Always be vigilant about using proper hangers and fasteners and following those instructions. Every kit has the capability to hang a frame of a specific weight and size. Use an eagle eye to check the package to ensure you have a picture hanging kit which will safely hold your picture frame.

To assist you in using the picture-hanging kit, we have some specific steps that will guide you on how to use the picture-hanging kit for best results. Stay and read the full article to understand the method and how to use the picture hanging kit wisely.

Steps to use simple Picture hanging Kit?

This kit has only one hook or one nail and you need just a hammer and I will tell you how you can use hammer and nail safely.

Convert Your Hammer into a Rubber Mallet

If you wish to save your wall from dents and cracks, follow these steps and Convert Your Hammer to a Rubber Mallet

Local home improvement stores and hardware stores may sell rubber chair legs. The best rubber chair leg cap will snugly fit most hammers.

To attach this to the hammer head, simply drill a hole in that specific cap. Set the nail in place at a specified angle. The rubber should contact the wood when you pound it into the wall.

To make holding nails easier, try a Bobby Leg.

Another method to decrease the risk of accidentally forging a cutlet, particularly when using little nails or in confined places. For a quick and easy DIY nail holder, use a normal bull and slide the nail into it. The bull leg keeps your fritters away from the hammer while assisting you with grasping the nail.

Simply take off the bull leg and carry on forging when you've started the nail.

Also, all you need to do is hang your frame from the installed hook, which can support up to 50 pounds and hangs at an angle.

How to Use Other Picture-Hanging Accessories?

They are way how to use the picture hanging kit


Mark a position on each side of the picture frame about one-third of the length down from the upper side of the frame and a little bit in from the sides by measuring the frame's length and width.

When installing wire, these marks show where to place your screws. You might use these markers to indicate where to place D-ring hangers. Measure the frame range and mark the central position at the top of the frame for sawtooth hangers.

A hole you need to drill.

Create a hole in your photo frame by drilling it where the marks are. In each hole, insert a screw eye if you're using a hanger line or D-rings. Don't forget that hanger wire installation hardware is normally included on all metal frames. Consequently, the significance of this phase is little.

Install your Sawtooth Hangers

Install sawtooth hangers by using a hammer to tap the hanger into the frame at the designated centre location.

Cut the Hanger Wire as Per the required Length

Calculate the distance between the two screws if you’re hanging with the line, and cut the length of the hanger line about 12 times this dimension.

You may slide the Hanging-Wire Through a Screw Eye

About an inch of the line extends through the top after being threaded through a screw eye at one end. Take the lower portion of the line, and wrap it around the screw eye many times.

Bend excessive Frame hanging wire

Start wrapping around the screw in the other direction from where it meets the eye at the top. On the opposite side of the frame, repeat the process for the screw eye. When stretched to its maximum length, make sure the line is slightly below the top of the frame.

Now put in Masking Tape

To stop the hanging wire from scratching the walls, wrap masking tape around each screw eye.


Be sure about the safety of men and materials. You may use a drill machine to drill into the wall as per the size of your nails and wall studs. It is best to drive a nail into the wall using a screwdriver. It will save you time, and is an easy method to adopt.

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