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What is a Commercial Photographer?

Maybe you have taken some time and know what photographers do but what does a commercial photographer do? Commercial photographers are professional photography firms that specialize in creating images for the purpose of selling goods and services.

Commercial photographers create images designed to sell, promote or market a product or service. Commercial photographers can be classified into two main categories: portrait photographers and commercial/advertising photographers.

Commercial photographers are vital for a professional business to reach new markets, current markets and customers.Commercial photographers specialize in getting out a message elegantly and fashionably. They will photograph your products, services or real estate to look aesthetically appealing and inform others about the benefits of doing business with you.

Commercial photographers are often equipped with high-end gear and know-how. This can cost thousands of dollars to put together by oneself. Commercial photographers also have the know-how on operating each tool.

Experienced commercial photographers will have a variety of companies they have worked with along with their specialized subject matter. The photographer may have a specific niche such as beverage product photography, jewelry product photography ,ecommerce product photography for example. They also will have experience in project planning and execution, licensing and insurance.

Where would you see commercial photography?

Commercial photographers are able to provide consistent, professional images for a wide variety of purposes. This includes using photographs in all forms of advertising, in magazines and on social media, in exhibitions and product packaging, websites and event photography, etc. Additionally you may see commercial photography on digital spaces as well.

What are Types of Commercial Photography?

Some subsets of commercial photography may be commercial real estate photography , commercial model photography, commercial product photography, portrait photography and event photography, automobile photography.

How much does a Commercial Photographer cost?

Commercial photographer day rates can cost anywhere from $100 to $5000. There is a true range of what a commercial photographer can do. You should contact the photographer for a quote and bring with them what you are looking to create during a photoshoot.

Other costs include the licensing of images and usage of the images. Pre-production costs, post-production cost and production.

At ijyoyo you can contact here. Additional questions prepare for an inquiry – prepare for an inquiry. Prepare for a commercial photoshoot.

What is the difference between a commercial photographer and an advertising photographer?

You may have seen advertising photographers around as well. Advertising photographers are directly for advertisements. These advertisements may be for print work, television, billboards. Advertising photographers are concerned with selling a product in a psychological way. Commercial photographers are more blunt and show the product outright.

The main difference between commercial and industrial photography is their approach to problem-solving. Commercial photographers tend to work faster and with more flexibility than industrial photographers do.

How do Commercial Photoshoots Work?

Once you know the type of commercial photography, you can begin searching for prospective commercial photographers. You may also find local photographers that are willing to serve your needs. The next step is contacting a commercial photographer or someone that may know of a commercial photographer.

You can learn a bit more about investing in commercial photography here.


Communication is key during the process of setting up a shoot together so that both parties are clear of the final deliverables and output of the project. Generally this begins with pre-production planning. Things like how many photos will be needed (shot list) , usage & licensing, model release forms, and contracts will need to be decided.

  • Booking a venue
  • Putting together a shot list
  • Figuring out usage and licensing needed
  • Finding and casting talent
  • Obtaining Licenses
  • Production

    After you have scheduled a time and or day to get the shoot done. This is the Production time. Your shots will be taken during this time. This includes any of the following

  • Getting together production team
  • Directors, Talent, Photographers, Stylist, Hair and Makeup Artist.

  • Scheduling
  • Shot List
  • Post-Production

    Post production includes reviewing the final images that will be used. This may take some time to finish. Some of the things included in post production include

  • File organization, some commercial photographers will have the ability to use SEO as a driver to organizing file names.
  • Image Selection, getting the best images together only to review
  • Photo refining and editing, this includes changing backgrounds, removing any obscurities,
  • Compositing, similar to changing backgrounds, intention in changing backgrounds.
  • File Delivery, final images in high resolution files and intended deliverables. Maybe large TIFF files or jpeg files.
  • Rights and Licensing - learn more here
  • After reading this article hopefully you can answer what a commercial photographer does, where to find one and what the next steps are to do work towards your commercial photoshoot. If you need a photographer, contact us here and let's create your vision.

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